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Investment Philosophy

At RNB we believe macro-economic conditions and specific sector cycles drive the majority of share price performance, both short and long term and seeks to exploit these cycles to achieve higher investment returns than the index. Rigorouse fundamental analysis is performed to ensure we only recommend high quality companies and shifts the allocation between sectors (early, mid or late cycle cyclicals and defensive sectors) given the current and expected economic environment.

We aim to deliver outperformance through tactical sector allocation by:

  • avoiding sectors with significant structural issues or economic headwinds,
  • building overweight exposure to sectors with characteristics likely to deliver earnings growth ahead of the broader market given the current economic environment, and
  • exploiting market volatility as risk or risk aversion themes prevail.



RNB Financial provides portfolio management and advice services for intermediaries and individual clients via Individually Managed Accounts (IMA) or Separately Managed Account (SMA) structures.

At the core of our business is understanding our clients and delivering them solutions to achieve their financial objectives. We have specialist capabilities in delivering our investment management expertise to retail and high net worth investors through Individually Managed Accounts ("IMAs") and Separately Managed Accounts ("SMAs"). We aim to add value through investment selection and management within asset classes (management of SMA portfolios) and also through tactical asset allocation given clients specific risk and return requirements.

IMAs offer high net worth investors a transparent, flexible and tax effective private portfolio. Unlike managed funds, IMAs allow investors to have complete visibility around the investments that are held in their portfolio, what transactions impact on their portfolios and what fees were charged.


What is an IMA?

  • An IMA is a professionally managed portfolio of investments owned directly by the investor. Unlike managed funds, assets are not grouped with those of other investors and IMA combines the benefits of professional money management, with the flexible control and tax advantages of owning an individual portfolio.
  • In addition, investors have the flexibility to tailor their own portfolio, advising RNB Financial of stocks or investments that they may or may not wish to hold in their portfolio.

Similar to an Individually Managed account (IMA), an SMA is unlike a managed fund in that investments are actually held on behalf of individual investors. Accordingly, SMAs provide investors with potential tax advantages and the benefit of having full transparency around their investment portfolio, while also delivering a professionally managed and low cost investment solution.