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It’s all about Rates!

In October last year, we wrote (It’s all about the Dollar – published 1st Oct 2014) of the impact that the end to Quantitative Easing (money printing) in the United States was having on the Australian Dollar and in turn the negative impact this was having on the Australian Share market. We viewed this as simply a liquidity event and believed that as the dollar stabilised the market would rebound.

The first few months of 2015 have seen the Australian share market rise by over 10% and the ASX 200 Accumulation Index (1 year chart below) is now 18% above the October low.

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The Australian share market has experienced 3 significant bouts of weakness over the past two years, while in an overall upward trend. All have been the result of currency weakness or more correctly, US dollar strength (the AUD/USD exchange rate).

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Social Security Bill Passed - changes to effect wide range of Australians both immediately and into the future.

Key social security changes originally announced in the 2014 Federal Budget passed through the Senate yesterday and will soon be law.  The Bill passed through the Senate without amendment with the support of the ALP and the Palmer United Party (minus Senator Jackie Lambie). The changes include extending deeming of account based pensions to the assessable income test for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card from 1 January 2015. 


One of our directors, Adrian Rowley, is also a director of Australian Dairy Farms (ADF), a business that currently owns two dairy farms in South West Victoria. Adrian has been working in a corporate advisory capacity for the firm with the goal of raising $14.5 million, purchasing an additional 14 properties and listing on the ASX. If successful, this would enable ADF to achieve consolidation and scale in a domestic industry that is currently highly fragmented and where pasture land is often under-utilised. This inefficiency is highlighted by the fact that over the past decade Australian production of milk has fallen by 20 per cent (and farm prices along with it) against a backdrop where worldwide demand for dairy products has soared exponentially. ADF aims to become Australia’s biggest milk producer and this in turn will give them greater influence with processors during contract negotiations.

Last week Adrian was interviewed by The Australian Financial Review and his comments and the associated article on ADF was in yesterday’s edition (scanned copy attached). ADF plans to give investors two types of returns – earnings from its dairy operations and exposure to rising farm prices off their cyclical lows. 

If you would like further information with respect to the investment please do not hesitate to call our offices or send us an email.

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