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Sara Whiteside has recently become both a:

  • CFP (Certified Financial Planner), and
  • SPAA (Self-Managed Super Fund Professionals’ Association Of Australia) accredited Professional.

What is a CFP Professional – FPA (Financial Planning Association) website

The CFP Marks identify practitioners who are dedicated to a high level of professionalism in the delivery of personal financial advice to clients. They have achieved the highest accreditation available to financial planners worldwide...read more http://www.goodadvice.com.au/default.asp?action=article&ID=21987


What is a SPAA Professional – SPAA website

Only SPAA SMSF Specialist Advisers have undergone an independent accreditation program which not only test knowledge of SMSF legislation and regulatory requirements but also assesses professional business and ethical practices, integrity, professionalism and ethical standards are...read more http://spaa.asn.au/portal/content/view/257/211/


FYM Financial is also a Principal Member of the FPA (Financial Planning Association)

To find both our Advisers and practice, FYM Financial, please visit http://www.goodadvice.com.au/default.asp?action=article&ID=22157


Should you with to contact Sara, please do so on:

Email:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">sarawhiteside@fymfinancial.com.au
Phone:  (03) 9629 9900
Fax:      (03) 9620 4004