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RNB Financial is based in Melbourne CBD. We are a corporate authorised representative 338810 of Watershed Dealer Services Pty Ltd AFSL 436357 ABN 29 162 693 272.

Our Origins 

The Directors, Adam and Adrian Rowley worked for a mid tier Financial Planning and Portfolio Management Firm for 12 & 13 years respectively, as Operations Manager and Chief Investment Officer before leaving to start RNB Financial.

RNB Financial is a boutique firm providing personalised advice and services to individuals and corporates.


Key People

Adrian Rowley – Director

Adrian was previously the Chief Investment Officer for a boutique Melbourne Advisory firm that managed $500m of client funds across all asset classes via a managed discretionary account service.  As chief investment officer Adrian chaired the Asset Allocation and Investment Committee (team of 6) and was responsible for Asset Allocation and Model Portfolio Construction.  Adrian’s current role is to manage a portion of our suite of IMA’s & SMA’s with a focus on the ASX 100 portfolio and also the tactical asset allocation process.



Adam Rowley – Director

RNB Financial was founded in 2009 by Adrian & Adam Rowley who set out to establish a firm that provides two distinct disciplines and areas of advice; Portfolio (investment) Management & Financial (strategic) Planning.

Adam’s previous roles have principally been in an operational or managerial capacity. His role within RNB is to be accountable to its board.

RNB Financial is privately owned.


Ben Bowen – Head of Portfolio Management

Ben began his career as one of four graduate students chosen nationwide to participate in the JB Were Graduate Program, subsequently becoming an Investment Adviser on the Wholesale Dealing Desk, a role he performed for the next three years.   He then spent two years in London working as a Derivatives Analyst for Northern Trust in London, before returning to Melbourne and working for the next eight years as an Investment Adviser at a boutique private advisory firm.  Here he advised client portfolios worth $200M and was a member of the Investment Committee which dictated the investment policy, asset allocation and the risk policy management across the $600M client base. When the firm was merged with another financial institution, Ben subsequently became a member of that Investment Committee, dictating the investment mandate of over $1BN.

Ben graduated from Harvard University in 1996 with a major in economics.


Sara Nicholls – Head of Financial Planning

Sara began her career as a graduate with London Partners in Melbourne where she worked for three years as a paraplanner.  She then spent two years further developing her advisory skills in London where she worked in for both JP Morgan Investment Bank and J O Hambro Investment Management.   Upon her return to Melbourne she rejoined London Partners as a Senior Financial Planner and subsequently joined RNB Financial as the Head of Financial Planning.

Sara holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Planning and Accounting), and has also attained the internationally-recognised CFP certification, the highest level of accreditation that a financial planner can achieve.  Sara has also achieved Specialist Advisor status with SPAA, Australia’s leading SMSF body.


Our People

Our Advisers have a broad range of experience and skill sets across multiple industries both domestically and internationally. These people have been carefully selected because of their:

  • Specific expertise and knowledge
  • Vast experience
  • Dedication to delivering quality advice
  • Trustworthy and respectable character
  • Unsurpassed competency
  • Passion for their profession
  • Commitment to high ethical standards
  • Professional Memberships


Investment Committee

Behind every investment decision made by RNB Financial stands a wealth of knowledge and research.  Our Investment Committee is comprised of seven individuals with an average of twenty years industry experience.  Collectively members have held senior roles with numerous high profile brokers and private banks, and two of our Committee members hold the Certified Financial Analyst accreditation.


Watershed Dealer Services (AFSL)

We are licensed to the Dealergroup Watershed Dealer Services (AFS) http://www.watersheddealerservices.com.au

Our attraction to Watershed was primarily twofold:

  • Watershed issued us with an MDA (managed discretionary account license) which allows us to 'actively' manage client portfolios. Many of our clients have SMSF (self managed superannuation funds) and by their very nature are quite 'active' investors. The MDA license allows us to trade at either our discretion (in line with the investment programme established with the client) or at the clients discretion (often clients call with special needs, or investments that they wish to be included within their portfolio). The MDA license allows us to buy and sell investments immediately, without the delay of having to do additional SOAs (statements of advice) as one example.
  • Watershed is also very conscious of the fact that their Advisers' clients are seeking 'independent advice'. Consequently they do not force product on to their Advisers. At RNB Financial, our investment universe is determined by the client. Aside from...Futures Trading as one example, there is very little we are not able to provide to our clients. Our challenge is to discover what the client requires and wants and to then construct and manage a portfolio of suitable investments for them.



Financial Planning

Our clients are from all walks of life and in all stages of life. From a financial planning perspective, we try to build a 'roadmap' for the client, but in truth, we provide our clients with an open door policy. At the end of the day, life is full of unforseen circumstances and daily choices to deliberate on. We quite simply tell our clients that although this is the direction we're heading together (as a result of our initial discussion and financial plan), any and every time you have a question about anything, call or email us and we'll give you our views on the options available to you. It's then up to you to make the decision and we'll ensure that decision is actioned.


Investment or Portfolio Management

As our clients are in various stages of life, their requirements are extremely varied.

  • For some, a pure direct equities portfolio is appropriate,
  • For others, mainly those approaching the latter stages of their life, a high dividend yielding portfolio of blue chip Australian shares and listed hybrid debt securiites is appropriate.
  • Other clients have an affinity for direct property that we can help to structure and manage, often but not necessarily through their Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF).

As already stated, aside from Futures Trading (which we've chose not to advise on), there are very few forms of investment we are not licensed and capable of providing advice to our clients on. This results in clients portfolios being individually tailored for their needs. We'll discover what you're looking for and then construct a portfolio accordingly.

We actively manage and review portfolios as clients needs and financial markets continually change.

All clients have online portfolio reporting, so can view daily if need be and contact us when they have a question or query.

We charge an asset management fee of 1% across all asset classes (excluding direct property which is charged at 0.25%). This eliminates any possible bias in our advice.

At RNB Financial we enjoy what we do, largely because of the clients we deal with and we're always happy to meet prospective clients to see whether a working relationship can be formed.


We hope to hear from you, RNB Financial.